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This site provides for the published opinions of the CISG Advisory Council:
  • CISG-AC Opinion no 1, Electronic Communications under CISG, 15 August 2003. Rapporteur: Professor Christina Ramberg, Gothenburg, Sweden. (deutsch)
  • CISG-AC Opinion no 2, Examination of the Goods and Notice of Non-Conformity - Articles 38 and 39, 7 June 2004. Rapporteur: Professor Eric Bergsten, Emeritus, Pace University New York. (deutsch)
  • CISG-AC Opinion no 3, Parol Evidence Rule, Plain Meaning Rule, Contractual Merger Clause and the CISG, 23 October 2004. Rapporteur: Professor Richard Hyland, Rutgers Law School, Camden, NJ, USA. (deutsch)
  • CISG-AC Opinion no 4, Contracts for the Sale of Goods to Be Manufactured or Produced and Mixed Contracts (Article 3 CISG), 24 October 2004. Rapporteur: Professor Pilar Perales Viscasillas, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. (deutsch)
  • CISG-AC Opinion no 5, The buyer’s right to avoid the contract in case of non-conforming goods or documents, 7 May 2005, Badenweiler (Germany). Rapporteur: Professor Dr. Ingeborg Schwenzer, LL.M., Professor of Private Law, University of Basel. (deutsch) (ANNEX)
  • CISG-AC Opinion no 6, Calculation of Damages under CISG Article 74, Spring 2006, Stockholm (Sweden). Rapporteur: Professor John Y. Gotanda, Villanova University School of Law, Villanova, Pennsylvania, USA. (deutsch) (ANNEX)
  • CISG-AC Opinion no 7, Exemption of Liability for Damages under Article 79 of the CISG, Rapporteur: Professor Alejandro M. Garro, Columbia University School of Law, New York, N.Y., USA. (deutsch)
Opinions of the CISG Advisory Council