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Dear users of CISG-online,
the CISG-online database is currently being restructured and improved. Since mid-2018, we have been working behind the scenes on adding new search functions, an improved style of case presentation, new CISG cases, new full texts and case translations, direct links to all CLOUT abstracts and a number of other novel features.
While we are constructing the new CISG-online, we are constantly keeping track of new CISG case law as it is being published, and are including it into our database. Unfortunately, these newly-added cases cannot be accessed through the “old” CISG-online that continues to be available here. They will become accessible as soon as the new CISG-online is ready to be launched.
Please also note that the URL “” which used to link to CISG-online is no longer being maintained, as Professor Schwenzer’s Global Sales Law project has been successfully completed.
We expect the new CISG-online platform to go online in the summer of 2019, although the work on additional features and improvements is likely to continue for some time thereafter.
Stay tuned!
Best regards, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schroeter